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Key Selling Points

  • View your property where there’s wireless access or LAN
  • Minimize residential home wiring using Homeplug® PowerStreaming (EoP)
  • Megapixel viewing and recording with highest quality equipment
  • 350° Fish Eye View from the Sky – Flattened for Viewing Preference
  • Outdoor and Indoor Models – Configured to Meet Multiple Applications
  • Plug-N-Play – Low Voltage Power over Ethernet (PoE) Network Integration
  • Motion Detection – “If it moves, COPS will see it!”
  • Redundant Video Capture and Storage – Easy Access, Multiple Devices
  • Microsoft and Apple Network Installation and Support
  • Adaptive Frame Rate Recording – Reduces Storage Consumption
  • For privacy, blocking available to mask neighbors and other personal areas
  • Tier 1 Service Maintenance Agreements – File Edits and Vault
  • Free Quotes – Product Placement Consultation – Sub-Contractors

Goddard Configuration PDF

Gigafast/COPS-928-PoE User Manual PDF
COPS EoP/PoE Adapter Kit (eBay listing)

Vendor Websites

Vivotek FE8174V Specification – YardCam350
Digital Watchdog Spectrum User Manual
MF21M4TIR High Definition Dome Camera – Front DoorCam
Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS)
TrendNet Gigabit PoE Switch
TrendNet 5 Port 10/100Mb Ethernet Switch
Intel i5 Core Processor Spectrum NUC Server


Cracker Creek YardCam350 Initial Test Results

Cracker Creek Test Results:  19 July 2014

This section of the proposal describes the results of the YardCam350 test with a mock pole (shown below) three feet short of its final height.  These shots were proof the camera operated between the pavilion and the launch site using Ethernet over power line. Fish-eye POV Panorama POV The above images were captured using an HP Windows 7 Professional laptop with camera web app. The top image is the actual 1920×1920 digital capture. The picture immediately above is the image dewarped by the camera in a panorama point of view (POV).

The test also included recording live video using Digital Watchdog Spectrum software, as demonstrated in the YouTube video below.

The above footage was quickly edited to demonstrate the camera operation and dewarping into square frames.

Network Results

This was the most difficult part of the configuration tests because of the different technologies installed in the Cracker Creek office. Through trail-and-error, Frank and Les determined the network topology, as illustrated below.

First configuration attempt: First Configuration-1In the illustration above, the laptop could access the WAN but not the test camera.  Once we configured in a router, to circumvent the router firewall above, the camera test worked.

Field Network Tests

DockCam Test Map 1

Once the team was able to connect the laptop with the camera in the pavilion, they tested connection with other electrical outlets on the campus.  The two little camera icons indicate the outlets where the camera worked near the pavilion as well as in other local outlets:  Front Gate and Bath House.

After testing the cameras, the team setup the YardCam350 on a ladder on the little dock next to the launch ramp.  The photos above shows the test pole.  In the illustration to the left at the bottom, the circle icon shows where the YardCam350 was installed and tested.

This test proved successful using the GigaFast EoP/PoE plug and running CAT-5 from the power outlet down to the camera.

After connecting with the YardCam350, Frank started recording the live video using Spectrum and concluded the tests were successful from the pavilion.

Configuration Samples

Configuration Samples

This section is dedicated to installations currently using COP-Systems products configured to surveil their homes.Home floorplan COPSIn the illustration above, there are three cameras and several network and storage devices to support these cameras. The Network Central and Storage Central triangles are there to relate to the illustration and description details below.

YardCam350 – Front Yard View

This camera is a bird’s eye view of the front yard through a fish-eyed lens. Below is an image from the YardCam350 illustrated above. Front YardCam350 FE viewSwitching to dewarp mode allows the view to be recognized more easily, as illustrated below.

Front YardCam350 dewarp 1 Front YardCam350 dewarp 2 Front YardCam350 dewarp 3
Street Driveway Front Door

These images above show how one camera does the work of 3!

Is that ALL?   No…

Goddard Front YardCam reverse 2 Goddard Front YardCam reverse 1
Front house view south end & palm repeat Neighbor’s Driveway

These images above show how one camera does the work of 4½ cameras!

WallCam180 – Front Door View

The Front Door WallCam180 views across the front yard to capture any activity in the driveway or street. This is the same camera as the fish-eyed camera above but configured to view 180° horizontally. Below is an image from the WallCam180 illustrated above.Front YardCam180 viewThe video below shows the WallCam180 in action for the nighttime test of the motion detection solar panel powered LED lights.

RoomCam – Interior – Living Room View

The RoomCam camera is a small, roughly 3″ x 3″ x 1″, cube that contains a powerful and robust set of features.  Below is an image from the RoomCam illustrated above.RoomCam Living RoomIn this configuration the client wanted privacy and to only surveil the front door for any intruders. Below is an image of the customer defined privacy mask.

RoomCam Living Room MaskedUsing the camera internal motion detection, this reduces the number of household movements and focuses on the front door.

COP-Systems Technical Specifications

This section defines the different components in the home  configuration illustrated above. Note: This configuration does not show the Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) that are in both areas to provide reliable power in case of storm or power surges. Home floorplan COPS closeups For more details, click on the vendor links below to read their specifications.

Vivotek FE8174V Specification – YardCam350/WallCam180
Vivotek IP8133 Specification – RoomCam
Vivotek ST7501 Client/Server User Manual
Digital Watchdog Spectrum User Manual
Synology Network Attached Storage (NAS)
TrendNet Gigabit PoE Switch
TrendNet 5 Port 10/100Mb Ethernet Switch
EoP/PoE Adapter Kit

The cameras have been configured to record any motion detection areas, locally on gigabyte chips, also known as “edge recording.” The first three dewarped views have motion detection settings for the YardCam350 in the street, driveway, and front door, excluding plants that can falsely trigger the detector. The WallCam180 focuses on the still areas in front of the front door and shows a privacy patch over a potted orchid. In this software configuration, Digital Watchdog Spectrum server is always running on a Windows 7 PC to capture a slightly lower resolution recording from the cameras.

Connecting the Dots 2013

As my acquaintances, friends, and family know me, I have a diverse range of skills and talent for creating all kinds of products. From carpentry, to software development, to web design, to project management, to video production, I can produce products that people appreciate and use. Well, a few months ago, I realized that I was missing an important piece that connects all these diverse product sets. Of course, the web is the most important marketing venue these days and the piece I was missing was branding and content marketing.

Well, this Fall, my dear friend Jill Musson Williams asked if I could help her increase her video and written content for her company Cracker Creek. I had no specific ideas what she wanted but had helped in the past and wanted to continue doing so. Besides, she said she wanted to pay for my services.

As it turned out, Jill had discussed increasing sales at Cracker Creek with others in her community and they suggested she increase the online content to market their products, both written and visual. I had an idea what that entailed but I didn’t have any scope for how far to go and exactly what to do.

Along popped up this article from Social Media Today talking about the new Google Hummingbird algorithm that is supposed to comprehend and process a broader range of data and how it “de-emphasizes specific keywords in the search/search results schema in favor of semantic searching.” Then in that same article, it mentions how to use the web to increase marketing channels and connect with web users and buyers. It went as far as to say “content marketing so helpful people would pay you for it.” A book called Youtility appeared on my screen and after downloading a Kindle ebook copy, I read it to learn how to connect all my skills and talents to market a product, online. Cracker Creek was the perfect opportunity for me to build a case study for marketing my skills.

Some of the concepts I learned included charts as displayed below that are from both Youtility and Epic Content Marketing.

Sources of Information ECM Hub of content ownership ECM Content Atomization

From those two books, I was able to create a Marketing Plan and Business Plan for Cracker Creek using an automated prezi presentation. But they needed results and to do that I needed a way to measure traffic with a focus on inbound traffic into Daytona, a much higher recognized brand over Port Orange, where they are located. The Daytona-brand location would increase their exposure and competition, however, target those interested in Old Florida, tropical ecosystems, kayaking and canoeing, and tours. Besides the location, Cracker Creek had created several names such as Cracker Creek Canoeing, crackercreek@oldfloridapioneer.com, and just Cracker Creek.

So, I had my work cut out for me. I needed to expand the Cracker Creek presence on the web and focus the products for search engine optimization. As I had researched the different web services targeting audiences and product marketing sites to learn user popularity, I started putting Cracker Creek on the maps of watercraft launch sitescampgroundsroad trippers, and boat rental sites. I also added links on the Cracker Creek website to different vendor’s mobile apps that were applicable to the Cracker Creek products, such as knot typing apps for campers.

Having tested Google webtools with another friend’s website, I setup Cracker Creek to recognize the Cracker Creek sitemap. Then I installed Google Analytics to start collecting accurate statistics and reporting results. However, since there were no statistics before my changes to the website, we could not see historic results prior to my website updates. Below is the graph directly from the Google Analytics view of the Cracker Creek website.


Now being new to the Google world of the internet, I learned that their software still has bugs and on many occasions, I had to wait a few days before Google cleaned up it’s data. For instance, below are two message windows about logging into Google Analytics within seconds of each other.

Attempt to get password sent to email addressAttempt to get password sent to email address  Attempt to create new email addressAttempt to create new email address

This kind of dysfunctional behavior also happened with a file called robot.txt where the “test” resulted in being blocked from analyzing a public website. Another when sitemap couldn’t find the server which became frequent as I setup different aspects of Google web tools. The example below is when trying to setup the Cracker Creek using tags associated with the image and text on the page as part of the semantic algorithm.

TaggingErrorThese kinds of anomalies continued to hit me across the web. Be it a rental site that on a mobile device displaying all prices at hundreds of dollars too high, even to purchase a vessel like displayed in the ad, or fixing driving directions on Google maps where it takes visitors to a residential neighborhood instead of Cracker Creek.

Besides that, I had to have multiple identities to work on Cracker Creek accounts as well as my own personal sites. This created a delay in the creation of a Cracker Creek business account and website on LinkedIn where my first attempts failed to deliver the activation email. Finally solved this one by changing the LinkedIn email address to mine so I could activate and create the Cracker Creek business page.

I have since worked through most of the outstanding issues and we are now linked to the major social media sites with icons prominent on the home and contact pages, as illustrated below. In the lower picture, you can see the floating left social media bar courtesy of a Joomla! plug-in that illuminates the social media icon when the mouse hovers over them. The Zap Weather forecast window shows a week’s predicted. The weather forecast window and the Tide Forecast window, not shown below, are tools to help people decide to go fishing, kayaking, or just a day out canoeing down the creek. That was my attempt to provide “marketing so helpful people would pay for it” by visiting Cracker Creek.



To measure the website’s improvements, I took a snapshot of the hubspot.com Market Grader application’s analyzer in October and today I took another. You can see in the snapshots below that the website’s marketing score has increased almost double from what it was when I started.

October 2013
October 2013
December 2013
December 2013

And finally, for the sake of content marketing, I just finished adding the voiceover for an online marketing campaign focusing the values of Cracker Creek for elementary students. This video required me to attend two events with local third grade classes and another event to record the different options available for teachers, organizations, and parents. To view a preliminary version, click on the image below.

In closing, this project has connected all the dots in my skills and talents pool. I created a chart to show the different roles and product learning curves I’ve accomplished for this project since September 2013, illustrated below. The difference today versus 5 years ago is now all of these tools are in high definition.


As for results, I’ve been credited with increased inbound marketing from Google searches that have brought in customers and created a reservation for 40 visitors in January, from Illinois. Thus, our target market. After two months, Google Analytics shows the site is still getting 80% and more new unique visitors, and we’ve yet to start online transactions that will take some time to integrate into their business operations and management.

Update 24 January 2014:  Over the last month, I’ve worked on the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Designated Paddling Map for Spruce Creek. In it was old and misinformation about the area and no mention of Cracker Creek being an access point.


Today, they published the new map and copy which now includes links to Cracker Creek and more information about Gamble Place and the Russell Property that share residence on the creek. Click on the image below to see the Volusia County website and scroll down to Spruce Creek to see the full document.


Rewarding Your Employees

Unless you’re the CEO of a too-big-to-fail transnational conglomerate who narrowly misses destroying the world’s economy and rewards its leaders with millions of dollars in bonuses, Cracker Creek offers a warm and friendly option to reward your employees with a team-building and huggy-feeling reinforcement of your appreciation for their successful accomplishments. From group tours at sunset to kayak or canoe team racing, there is something that bonds employees to make the next year better than the last.

That’s what Cracker Creek is all about: Humans and Nature.

After the Pangaea divided the continents, the weather finally settled down, and the tides rose to where they are today, Spruce Creek still looks like it did when the Europeans arrived on the Atlantic shores of Florida. Although there are some homes that occasionally show human existence, most of the landscapes display what the historic Timucua Indian experienced centuries ago. Cracker Creek is here to help show everyone this world.

Spruce Creek Sunset Tour

Sunset Cruises

Raising a glass to salute your employee’s accomplishment is a “Kodak” moment in life. Too little time is spent just saying thanks for the little things and we’re actually making progress in the all-too-difficult economy. What better way than an outing on a relaxing pontoon boat with a catered meal of delectable dining pleasures can you give those who have made your business a success?

Cracker Creek offers a Sunset Cruise for those who want to kick-back and relax while experiencing a tranquil and comforting ride over a smooth waterway as the sun quietly sets in the forests. Take a look at our Florida Cracker-Gormet Menu and give us a call to reserve an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Click here to view the tantalizing menu.

Teams gliding across the waterways

Gliding across the waterways

Exercising leg muscles while viewing nature up high

Exercising legs while viewing nature up high


Kayaks, Canoes, Hydrobikes, and SUPs, Oh My!

Relay races, time trials, upper-body, lower-body, and exercises of all kinds are the best way to experience a team-building event. Of course, just a small group of intimate business associates gliding across the waters through the pristine forest canopies gives plenty of opportunity to explore new ideas and concepts for future business accomplishments.

Cracker Creek provides the only boat ramp west of US Highway 1 – for those who have their own vessels and transport mechanisms – and rents canoes, kayaks, and hydrobikes for those who want to experience the different types of watercrafts without the asset-hauling-hassles. Come explore old Florida in the shade to share an experience you’ll yearn to repeat.

In early Spring, come join the Cracker Creek Stand-Up Paddleboard time trial with Brent Brown from 7AM until 1PM, March first, 2014. Click here for more details.

Frank Gould Content Marketing Resume

P.O. Box 608516
Orlando, Florida 32860-8516



Give me a call today and let me explain more specifically any topic that most interests you.  My recent skills update pertains to content marketing and branding where I have applied these principles and techniques to the Cracker Creek website. For that site, I installed Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to start measuring the site’s performance and I had the webmaster to add WordPress.org to the site so we could add additional articles about Cracker Creek. As part of my articles series, I wrote Connecting the Dots 2013 to document my efforts and report on the current web opportunities using Joomla and Google, where I also created a FREE simple prototype business website for my business and one for Auto Spa of Winter Park.

In May 2014, I created the Cracker Day poster for Cracker Creek and displayed it in the Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences lobby to promote this event. As an example of my content, I wrote the Preserving Future Florida:  Doris Leeper to describe the area where the Cracker Creek tour passes that once was a Timucua Indian site in the Spruce Creek Preserve. I also produced and published two Cracker Creek videos: Education Tour and Summer Camp promotional videos. In addition to content marketing, I record video of all kinds. From standard movie cameras to dewarped fisheye cameras, I have a diverse range of video recording, editing, and creating and integrating animations.

I have a diverse set of skills that can apply to many different business opportunities.  I have more than 10 years experience as a Project and Product Manager gathering user requirements, documenting designs, schedule management, managing product development, and releasing major business web-based applications and various computer products. Negotiated contracts that ensured quality components for final products and sales.

From peers and managers, I have been told that I am “self-motivated, highly trusted, and totally dedicated to the success of his projects.”  Then, if that wasn’t enough, “Frank is personable in user interactions:  he has been the ‘front-door’ for user questions/issues, and the users continually express appreciation for his thoroughness, helpfulness, and kindness.”

Extensive experience in manufacturing, computer technologies, customer requirements, software development, MRP, ITIL, technical writing, multimedia, and international marketing. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills resulting in enhanced internal and external customer relationships and loyalty. Advanced Spanish. Proficient in several software programs (listed below) with expert skills to program Microsoft Office products to improve user productivity efficiency.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills resulting in enhanced internal and external customer relationships and loyalty.
  • Ability to perform well in fast-paced, competitive, and matrixed environments.
  • Accomplished Technical and Content Marketing Writer – creates thorough and accurate documentation that clearly communicates very complex concepts and processes
  • Applications test completed with high rate of accuracy due in a large part to highly detailed and comprehensive testing, scenarios, and documentation.
  • Requires little direction with assignments and is a self-starter.
Professional Experience

Application Manager <Awards>

Responsible for managing web application products and directing a small development team supporting approximately 1,000 users. Used conflict management skills effectively to resolve issues between IBM, AT&T Management, and teams. Project Manager responsibilities included account leadership, Microsoft Project schedules, change control, communications, process improvements, and release management.

  • Negotiated with key AT&T/IBM end users to define enhancements to facilitate process tracking and controls resulting in significant customer satisfaction and 30% improvements in project management.
  • Documented business requirements, detailed design specifications, and process workflow maps for developer implementation and user documentation.
  • Initiated and developed online training materials resulting in broader training for virtual office users as well as user training via conference calls saving hours and classroom training expenses.
  • Created web page prototypes resulting in accurate design requirements for both development and user acceptance.
  • Learned JavaScript programming to enable the rapid development of hundreds of user interface web pages that resulted in improved user satisfaction and successful releases on schedule after significant headcount reduction.

Technical Solutions Consultant <Awards>

Responsible for defining customer platform installation requirements, ordering services, documenting system and network configurations for small to large multi-processor Unix and NT servers.

  • Based on outstanding performance as a TSC, volunteered for Project Management role after achieving accelerated promotion to Technical Solutions Consultant position.  PM responsibilities included implementing major platform upgrades and managing approximately 10 resources to meet deadlines.
  • Effectively managed multiple integration projects into data centers totaling about $10 million yearly.

Financial Software Design Analyst / Programmer <Awards>

Responsible for automating Financial department spreadsheets and data collection applications.

  • Managed databases containing software and hardware assets totaling over $500 million.
  • Created financial applications for Windows 95/NT using Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel resulting in increased data processing productivity nearly 50% throughout multiple organizations.
  • Modified and supported Headcount Collection and Capacity Costing applications.

Senior Product Manager

Responsible for determining customer needs in project planning, product design, training, sales, and support solutions.  Required Microsoft Project.

  • Managed a project team of approximately 15 and championed, positioned, and released NCR Multimedia PCs to support emerging international markets. This was a $2.5 million project.
  • Created spreadsheet for product cost/revenue management resulting in 25% SG&A savings.
  • Actively served as the Director on the Multimedia PC Council Board.
  • Successfully released major software products to worldwide markets for Windows and Windows 95.
  • Negotiated major software contracts with key vendors and customers.
  • Attended and staffed major PC exhibitions to promote NCR Multimedia products.
Employment History

Content Marketing Consultant at Cracker Creek – 2013-present
Various Projects – Consultant – Central Florida – 2011-2013
Valencia College – Department Assistant – Orlando, Florida – 2009-2011
IBM – Application Manager/Project Manager – Orlando – 1999-2007
AT&T – Technical Solutions Consultant, Financial Programmer – Orlando – 1997-1999
NCR – Senior Product Manager, Software Developer – Orlando – 1982-1997


Valencia College, Associate of Science Degree, Film Production Technology, Orlando, Florida
Wharton School of the University of PennsylvaniaMini-MBA Finance Certification, Orlando, Florida
Stetson University, Bachelors of Arts Degree, English/Business, Deland, Florida

Application Proficiency
Adobe Dreamweaver Joomla! Microsoft Visio Social: Facebook, LinkedIn,
Apple Final Cut Pro (7 & X) Kindle Publishing Microsoft Visual Basic    Pinterest, Tumblr, & Twitter
Apple LiveType Lotus Organizer & Notes Microsoft Visual C++ Sony Vegas & DVD Architect
BigCommerce.com Microsoft Access OS: iOS, iPad, mac, Windows Toast Titantium
Digital Watchdog Spectrum Microsoft Office Paintshop Pro Vimeo
Final Draft Microsoft Project (Photoshop) Pixelmator WordPress (org & com)
Google Web Suites Microsoft SQL Server Prezi YouTube
Training & Certification


Volunteer Projects

Images Art Festival, Director Performing Arts:  New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Earthwatch Institute, videography:  Brazil Pantanal and Boston, Massachusetts
CRISPAZ, videography:  El Salvador
Habitat for Humanity:  Sanford, Orlando, and São Miguel do Araguaia, Brazil, with videography
ECO-Action Webmaster, Newsletter Writer, and Advocate:  Central Florida